About Us

Our History

Slanted Door is the passion project of Patrick Jabbaz, a long-time electrical engineer who, in mid-2017, decided to switch courses and pursue a career that embraced his love of the visual arts. Combined with a cozy, trendy café to help offset gallery costs, Slanted Door aims to provide a platform for local, emerging artists to showcase their works.

Patrick is committed to helping Toronto’s artistic talent develop, which is why 60 per cent of the proceeds from art sales are offered back to the artist.

Our Name

During his time living in San Francisco, Patrick developed a fondness for a Vietnamese fusion restaurant called “The Slanted Door.” When it came time to name his new gallery in Toronto, Patrick developed a list of 10 potential names, including “The Emerging Artists Café.” He eventually landed on a sharp, catchy name that would appeal to the general public and pay homage to his personal history: “Slanted Door.”