Alexander Robinson

Alexander Robinson is a self-taught emerging artist based in Toronto, Canada. His work is best described as a form of Afro-surrealism. For Robinson, the only way to portray the black experience with a sense of realism is through surrealism. Through his work Robinson aims to highlight the strange experiences that come with navigating this world as a person of colour. His work tackles toxic stereotyping, masculinity, and natural beauty. He uses acrylic paints and sometimes incorporates a duo canvas technique while also making use of other materials such as the petals of artificial flowers to create his work.

Artist Statement: My work examines the many facets that come with being a person of colour, but mainly the idea that surrealism is a black reality. The flowerpots embody a type of black caricature that people often get boxed into. Some people will see these pieces as a collection of ‘potheads’ with a lack of respect for the individuals being depicted who each have their own stories, distinct qualities, and unique experiences.

The flowers embody the potential we have to grow beyond the box people try to lock us into and it highlights the need to nurture our loved ones and help each other bloom into our full potential.

My work encourages people to see past the stereotypes and listen closely so the stories we have can be heard.

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