Ami Armagost

Ami Armagost is an American Japanese artist living in Toronto. Armagost moved to Canada where she received a BFA from the University of Waterloo in 2011 and was awarded the Graduating Thesis Award and chosen for the Kitchener Waterloo Region Jury Display.

Armagost’s cross-cultural upbringing has had a significant impact on her life and practice. moving from place to place, she caught assorted glimpses of what a home can mean. Armagost is fascinated with the process in which materialistic objects of the house become a sentimental, personal, and essential element of the home. Armagost’s curiosity about this matter drives her to explore the affection and attachment that people develop for household items. Her work of chairs explores how the aesthetics of the chair, such as patterns, wears and tears are extensions of our personalities and culture. Her works are portrait-like, letting the chairs sit in for a human and taking on a figurative nature.

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