Amira Seltzer

1950 Born in England
1953-2002 Jerusalem, Israel
2002-to date Relocated to Toronto

1966-1968 Art evening courses during high-school (Bezalel Academy of Art and Design,

evening courses, tutored by: Milka, Yoram Rozov)

1970-1974 B.A. in Design (Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Department of

Environmental Design)

1998-1999 Corcoran Museum of Art, Washington D.C. (Abstract Painting)
1998-1999 Abstract Painting, Washington D.C. (Tutor: Mindi Weisel)
1999-2001 Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Advanced Painting
2003-2004 Toronto – Central Tech: General Art

2001 Israel – Museum Youth Wing (group exhibition)
2002 Israel – Jerusalem Municipal Gallery (solo exhibition)
2003 Toronto – Collage 2003 (group exhibition)
2006 Toronto – Forest Hill, Art Connection Group (group exhibition)
2008 Toronto – Nesbitt Burns and Art Connection Group (group exhibition)
2017 Toronto Art Square

In most of my paintwork, I have used acrylic paints, both on canvas or paper. I usually mix media by adding various materials and objects to my paintings, such as architectural sketches, newspapers, telephone books, ropes, pastels, etc. Most of the paintings are layered, separated by time.

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