Angie Lea Tupper

Angie Lea Tupper graduated with Distinction from OCAD University’s BFA in Drawing & Painting in 2017. From 2015-2016, she participated in the university’s Florence Off-Campus Program, where her work was displayed at The Mayday (Florence, Italy). She has also shown in “Life/Death/Life” at Gallery 187 (Toronto), “ReVERSION 2017” at The Superwonder Gallery (Toronto), “Experiencing Perspectives” at Mercedes-Benz Financial Services (GTA), and “DigitalDisplay 2017” at Yonge and Dundas Square (Toronto).

She earlier completed two degrees in English Literature, first an Honours BA at the University of Ottawa followed by an MA at the University of Toronto. An abiding fascination with narrative and the human subject continues to guide her work.

Statement on Practice

Her current practice explores personal fantasies and memories through the lens of imaginative realism. With an almost superstitious investment in her manual connection to the work, she marks out her proportions without the use of a projector and keeps reworking the piece until it confronts her with a sense of vitality—the impression of a presence.

Visual records have always been central to Tupper’s identity. The daughter of a diplomat, she spent her childhood moving from one country to another every two to three years. From an early age, she used photographs and video recordings to connect the transient scenery of her formative years, beginning in Trinidad and Tobago, then moving on to India, Hungary, Pakistan, and England. She has now returned to Toronto, where her family was visiting when she was born.

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