April Mandusic

April Mandusic was born and raised near Chicago, Illinois in the United States. She studied English Literature at Indiana University and Education at DePaul University. Throughout her life, April has always considered herself artistic and has been an avid crafter, but only recently since moving to Toronto has she stepped fully into the role of artist. Through exploration of many subjects and mediums, she has found her focus in acrylic figurative painting. This series, entitled “Illumination,” specifically focuses on the beauty of the female form in motion through different modes of exotic dance and how light plays on their movements. This series is intended to evoke a visceral reaction that makes the viewer re-evaluate conditioned ideas of beauty, shame, desire, and empowerment. To enhance the background, April creates homemade stamps patterned to invoking a gritty textured atmosphere that mimics the eroticism of the figure. One aspect of each painting is also in gold leaf to highlight a fetishized object.

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