I am an abstract painter, living and working in Toronto, Canada with acrylic paint, plexiglass and canvas, creating abstract, non representational art.
The subject of my work is colour and shape, moving together harmoniously and uniquely. With just a chosen colour palette, I am primarily interested in the shapes, lines, intersections and effects that colours can assume as they find their way over the plane. In doing so, I find visual satisfaction in both micro details, and the total image viewed from a distance.
My process consists of acrylic paint applied to canvas or transparent plexiglass, with palette knife, fingers, stick, brush, drizzle, pouring, and sponging. In my work with transparent acrylic glass – or plexiglass -, the paint is applied to one side of the plexiglass and the completed painting is viewed through the other side, like a window – resulting in a flat finish of greater luminosity than canvas painting, reminiscent of silk screen.
My goal is to create images that the viewer is drawn to, spends time with, gets lost in and finds new imagery and meaning upon each viewing, thereby retaining its freshness and vitality.
I have long been inspired by the Quebec movement les Automatistes – and particularly Jean McEwen – and both the discipline and freedom of standing before a blank support with a free mind, attempting to create something that has never existed. The creative immediacy in applying and manipulating color, abstractly and without preconceived images in mind can be breathtakingly freeing, surprising and rewarding.
The challenge in my work presents itself in the spontaneous, ‘in the moment’ decisions made, and the subtle, almost fragile interplay of colour, shape and line that results. To not overthink, to discover the energy inherent in the colour placements, to let balance and composition emerge organically.
I believe in the beauty of original creativity, of not repeating myself, of challenging my work anew. In a world where so much human ingenuity will be replaced by technology, guarding and celebrating individual creativity may never have been more important.

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