Diego Regalado

Diego Regalado is a self taught abstract artist originally from Oaxaca, Mexico and has been living in Toronto for five years. In Oaxaca, he was exposed to a variety of influences that have led him to find enjoyment in Mexican art and culture. The traditions and culture of Oaxaca have stuck to him, nurturing his artistic mind. He was then exposed to different forms of art when he arrived in Canada to live with his uncles who are prancing artists and in the cosmopolitan city of Toronto that offers many new ways to experience art. “Being in Toronto was a very interesting and exiting new adventure”. Hearing different languages and seeing different nationalities quickly became something normal, but with this rich diversity, new social problems started to bug his mind and art is the way he addresses these concerns and thoughts he has.

He was Studying international business at Seneca College before dropping out to follow his passion to paint.

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  • La guerra

    La guerra

  • the kiss

  • The walk