E. M. Annette Courtemanche

E. M. Courtemanche lives and works in the Christie Pits Neighbourhood in Toronto, Ontario Canada. She is an emerging artist influenced by the serene yet majestic landscapes of Northern Ontario where she spent many summers camping. Her collection of work “Snapshots of Canadian Landscapes’ came from a deep connection to Nature and most of the work is centered on Northern Ontario and her love of Algonquin.
Her love of art started at an early age as she felt that she was born with a crayon or pencil in her hand. Painting is an extension of her everyday life. She prefers to paint in the abstract, impressionism, expressionism and minimalists’ style which allows the viewer to form their own interpretation of the work. She is influenced by interesting images or reflections in the landscape or in everyday life which resurfaces and takes form on her canvas. She likes working with acrylic and mixed media on canvas, paper or wood panel. She likes approaching a painting from an organic sense. The canvas size, the colours she chooses to work with, the freedom of uninhibited movement between the paint texture, the canvas surface, the colours and an idea. She likes working in abstract and the freedom that comes from the need to re-interpret what occupies the space around us. This begins the process and she loves that she never knows where it will end up … beautiful self-discovery!
She studied at the University of Toronto, completing an English Specialist and Canadian Studies Minor, however her love of art lead her to study with Dennis Reid the former curator at the AGO and Professor Elizabeth Legge the former Chair of the Art History Department.
Most of her work has been held privately over the years and she is now exhibiting her work publicly. She has recently exhibited her work at the Toronto Public Library, Bloor & Gladstone Branch. She has been invited to exhibit her future work at the Faculty Club at the University of Toronto.

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