Elaine Waddell

Elaine is an abstract painter, living and exhibiting in Toronto. As a child, she was often in the midst of some artistic creation and at age 11 became fasinated with drawing. Sadly, she abandoned that hobby a couple years later but as a young adult, discovered the magical release of Poetry. For nearly a decade, Poetry was her only creative voice. She writes the way she paints – with complexity, intensity and truth. In 2008, a craving for another creative outlet was born. So she bit the bullet and took up the brush!Working with acrylics on canvas, Elaine loves to use thick applications applied with emotional and physical combustion. The mysteries of her inner life are expressed primarily through colourful textures and movement. Water is playing a major role as she enjoys its softer effects, experimenting with various temperatures and applications. Sometimes Elaine incorporates “finger painting” into her art; this is fun and adds a unique element. There is nothing more therapeutic for her than to slide her fingers through the wet paint, intimately experiencing the temperature and texture of the paint.

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  • Deep within

  • Kinship


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  • Warmth and whisper

    Warmth and whisper

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