Elina Yaskovich

Elina Yaskovich is an award-winning artist and emergency department nurse in one of Toronto’s hospitals and she is best known for her landscape paintings inspired by Canadian nature and urban views, as well as her flowers and figurative artwork. Born in Russia, Elina studied fine arts in college and worked as an art teacher and later as a graphic designer. Coming to Canada, she decided to start a new career to feel more integrated into a new community and became a nurse. This Canadian painter is now based in GTA where she is inspired by the visual splendor of her new home. Elina has been a part-time artist for the last ten years, and in that short time has established herself as an accomplished artist with collectors in North America and Europe.
Inspired by her travels and life experience, Elina uses Canadian nature and urban landscape as an inspiration for her work. She spends a lot of time outdoors, hiking or cycling to find and capture dramatic moments that happen constantly around us, even if we do not always pay attention. Every moment has its unique lighting, weather, and time of the day and so do Elina’s paintings.
Elina works in different mediums such as oils, acrylics, watercolors, and pastels, trying to bring light and color into her works.
Her art is influenced by classical European schools, her biggest favorites in the art world are Repin, Shishkin, Korovin, and French and American impressionists. Other artistic inspirations are the works of Sargent and Zorn, but she is trying to refresh the classic genre and find her own place in Canadian contemporary art.
Capturing the light is everything! As a painter, it is always the light that Elina remembers most about any location or portrait. Its elusive quality can transform a figure or landscape in just a matter of seconds. Elina strives to convey that sense of place by capturing its fleeting magic.

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  • A street in Cabbage town

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