Ella Valcov

I create art to communicate emotion. Some days I use a lot of earthy, non-vivid colours in my palette; colours that are calming to the eye, and represent earth, nature, and weather. Other days I will communicate emotion that I currently feel, or have recently felt, and embark on a journey of self-reflection. I invite the viewer to reflect on their own emotion through the work, as it is a personal journey. My choice of medium is acrylic paint, supplemented by oil sticks or acrylic crayons. Underlying layers of my artworks are numerous, usually begin with bold markmaking, and contain a number of colours. I use a variety of tools and techniques resulting in dimensional, textured paintings. Nature is a bottomless well of forms, colours, and textures that persuade me to experience a range of emotions, which I convey through my artworks. I hope my work expresses my love for nature, and my curiosity towards human emotion.
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