Emma Ducharme

Though her artistic journey began when she was a young girl, Emma Ducharme’s career
as a practicing artist never truly began until her junior year of high school. In 2016, with
her first juried art exhibition in Sudbury Ontario, Emma acquired a desire for a deeper
involvement in the art world and subsequently followed this into her post secondary
studies. Currently a third year student at the Ontario College of Art and Design
University, Emma is enrolled in the drawing and painting program in the pursuit of her
Bachelor of Fine Arts.
Her work explores many themes, often in relation to nature, femininity, and memory. She
works primarily in oil paints, usually utilizing wood as a surface rather than canvas for its
rigidity and tangibility. Emma also occasionally works with acrylic paints, and has an
interest in textiles, plastics, and ceramics that she hopes to further an appreciation and
understanding of in the future.

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