Erica Campitelli

Erica Campitelli
Artist’s statement:

Erica is an emerging artist born in Toronto, Canada. Abstract painting is her way of being present. It allows her to shut out all distractions while she explores colour and motion. In the studio she gives no consideration to time or its constraints. And, while she never starts with a pre-conceptualized vision, once a painting is complete she can make sense of it and find meaning. With a canvas she takes something that is blank and creates a personal narrative. Whatever she is wrestling with gets sorted, resolved, alleviated or elevated. Painting is a form of meditation, an escape, and ultimately her therapy.

There is a quote by Thomas Merton that resonates with her. He states that, “art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”. Merton explains how the production of art is a transitional state, and is therefore representative of liminality. While painting she feels she reaches this in-between state. It’s trance like, all consuming and ultimately a safe space to explore. She believes it’s where her mind, body, and soul are able to connect.

Erica has been told that her paintings demonstrate flow and movement, generating an emotional charge. Through the use of blending, dragging and layering, unique textures, shapes and colours form. Predominantly, she works with acrylic and mixed media on canvas or wood panel, wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry.


Erica first fell in love with painting in Highschool, under the teachings of Michelle Root. It was all about Monet until Klimt, Pollock and Krasner were introduced. Her appreciation for art only grew as the years passed, expanding a personal preference for impressionism to that of abstract expressionism. She took a few art courses at the University of Western Ontario and the University of Toronto, although her specialization is in Socio-Cultural Anthropology.

Erica believes that we are our experiences. Inspired by her everyday surroundings, from conversations with strangers, to viewing other bodies of work, influence takes on many forms.

She has exhibited her work at the Artsideout Festival in October 2018, the Annual Juried Exhibit at UTSC in March 2019, the Toronto Art Crawl in Liberty Village in June 2019 and more recently showcased at The Freedom Factory’s Pop Up in July 2019.

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