Jan Peng Wang

Born in Guangzhou Province, China. Graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. Studied Graphic design in Tokyo Communication Art College in 1987, and moved to Canada in 1989. He currently pursues his paintings full-time. By devoting himself to the fine arts for many years, he won many awards in Canada and the United States. He has participated in solo and group exhibitions throughout North America and Asia. His paintings can be found in corporate and private collections throughout all of these countries.

Solo Exhibitions and Awards:
1990: “Misses Home Land” Sing Tao Daily Gallery, Toronto, Canada.
1996: “New Classic” The Peace Art Gallery, Roma, Italy.
1999: “Between the Two” The Shayne Gallery, Montreal, Canada.
2000: David Edward Bassett Award- First Prize Millennium Art Competition,
The Arts and Letter Club of Toronto.
2001: Curry’s Art Award, The 16th Annual Juried Art Show 2001 Odyssey,
Scarborough Arts Council, Toronto.
2002: The America National Award of Excellence- Best in Show, The 11th
Annual national Juried Exhibition of Oil Painters of America Merit Award for
Still Life. Salon International 2002, International Museum of Contemporary
Masters of Fine Art, Greenhouse Gallery.
2004: American Artist Magazine Award of Excellence; The 13th Annual National
Juried Exhibition of Oil Painters of America

Jan not only specializes in still life and figurative paintings, but also frequently uses the oil paint providing a sculptural element to many of his work. Classical figures are often combined with unexpected elements of daily life. Hauntingly serene images are juxtaposed with impressions resonating with energy. He thinks that the classical symbolism is just a medium that leads out the messages “the question, conflict and irony towards tradition and contemporariness “that lie behind the mask of classical formality.

Current member of the Ontario Society of Artists, and Signature Member of Oil Painters of America.

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