Justine Headley

I have always considered myself to be a creative person throughout childhood and my adolescence, but I discovered my love for painting by chance after taking a local abstract art class while living in Vancouver in 2017. Painting while living on the west coast eased the loneliness I often felt and ignited a passion that I never could have imagined.

Since moving back home to Toronto, I have honed in on my style of abstract expression, using splashing and dripping effects along with bright colours, usually finishing off with a touch of reflective gold and eye-catching oil pastels. With no particular inspiration, a colourway usually comes to me out of the blue, or a certain shape – which I then run with and let whatever comes from that play out on the canvas.

I am excited to share my work with others in hopes of inspiring any and all to create, no matter what age, so as not to become prisoner to the monotony of our everyday world.

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