Lena Safaniouk

Lena Safaniouk is a Russian-Canadian artist living in Toronto. Her work is held in private collections internationally and has been exhibited in galleries in Canada, United States and Russia.
Lena fell in love with art at a very young age as a student in Russia. Continuing her education in Canada, Lena had the privilege of being taught by a renowned Canadian watercolourist and oil painter. An accounting professional and a mom, in her art, she explores the themes of presence and pressures of modern living.

From the artist:
Inspiration for the series comes from spending summers in nature when I was a kid. When visiting my grandparents farm, I sometimes helped with watching the cows at pasture. Some days were a bit slow, I would lie down in the grass and watch the clouds through the curtain of wild poppies. With only one important task – to make sure the cows didn’t wander off too far, life seemed completely present in the moment. Working with vivid colours, slow drying oils, and translucent layers this work is about isolating the subjects. Magnifying, highlighting the textures and fabric-like waves of each petal, I aim to reclaim the feeling of focus and connection to nature, creating a sanctuary from the hectic pace of urban life.

About New Mom Project:
Giving is a high priority. Proceeds from every sale are shared with The New Mom Project, a local charity aimed at empowering new parents with resources that promote well-being and health across our community.
The New Mom Project was founded in 2014 to provide marginalized families with basic baby necessities and education to get them off to a great and loving start. The organization’s vision is a healthy Toronto where all new parents experience the support, respect and dignity they deserve.

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