Liz “Ela” Szymczak

Liz “Ela” Szymczak is a self taught
artist based in Toronto. She started to
paint in 2018 as therapy after having
had a heart attack in April of that year.
All her work is bold, vibrant and filled
with emotion. She is inspired by colours
and texture. Most of her work is
abstract in nature. For her, painting is a
way to convey emotions that cannot be
put into words. The process of painting
for her is therapeutic and extremely
intuitive. Some of her paintings have
come to her in dreams. She has had
the great privilege of being approached
to have her work on display in Toronto
galleries. She continues to paint and
her work is evolving. She currently
resides in the High Park/Bloor West
area with her husband, daughter and
Bandit the cat.
Instagram: @elasartstudio
Facebook: elasartstudio

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