Marie Jinkyoung Kim

Jinkyoung Kim (JKim) was born in May 21 1983 in Seoul , South Korea, migrated to Canada in 2013 and currently resides in Toronto, Ontario.
She graduated from Catholic University, Korea with a degree in classical piano music. Soon after, JKim discovered a fascination in fashion and continued her studies at kookje fashion school , Seoul. Following her studies, JKim worked as a piano teacher and fashion freelancer in Seoul.
After moving to Toronto, she self-studied abstract painting and then Jkim took various art classes with the Toronto Art School (TSA).
Art inspired her in many ways and acted as a source to overcome the loneliness and her panic disorder and anxiety she faced as a newcomer to Canada.

“ My works explore the relationship between Asian and western culture.
I work different kinds of art , one of which is based on Chinese Ink wash Painting and others are with western mediums such as oil and acrylic.
In my art , there is my life.
I grew up in Seoul, Korea. migrated to Canada 2012 currently living in Toronto.
As I studied Classical Piano music , I have always dreamed about living in Paris and admired European Classic style. However, my first artwork I made was an ink wash painting in my elementary school. I was so into that when i was a kid. and also I am interested in fashion as i studied fashion at fashion school in Seoul. All those experiences affect my art.
Art is life. Life is art. that’s right.“

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