Meghan Noonan

Meghan Noonan (b.1996) is a self-taught artist living in Toronto, Canada. Meghan describes herself as an intuitive artist, whose main style of painting is abstract expressionist. Meghan’s interest in painting sparked during her second year of university when she felt her worldview changing. During this time, the process of creative painting provided her with the space to practice healing and self-love. She came to learn that creating represented a passage for her to enter the now and connect with her deepest emotions and let them flow. “I truly believe that art has the power to connect us all to what it means to be human, it touches the parts of us that cannot be reached with words”. Her goal as an artist is to create pieces that promote the importance of engaging in vulnerability, creativity, and acceptance.

Meghan paints for the joy of the creative process; it is her emotional outlet and place of peace. For Meghan, the process of painting is very free flowing and unattached to an end goal. Meghan feels she has succeeded when her paintings make her viewers feel something deep within. Meghan’s art has been displayed on various sized canvases and prints with rich acrylic colours and has been shown in multiple art exhibitions within her local community. She hopes that you will find something of your own in her paintings!

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  • Golden Mornings

  • Inconceivable


  • Shining Through

  • The Shadow

  • Two worlds meeting

    Two Worlds Meeting

  • Vivid Dreams