Rita Hisar

Rita Hisar is an emerging Contemporary Artist who paints vibrant paintings with acrylic paint and a knife. She specializes in portraits, using an Expressionistic/Pop art style. She is of Italian/Czech descent, based in Toronto Canada. Although she has painted all of her life, only recently did she decide to pursue it with abandon, after working as a lawyer and teacher
I am interested in exploring the concept of “Beauty” on canvas – through color, texture and light. I take the ordinary – an ice cream cone, the human form, a seashell or a pineapple – and make it extraordinary with bright, bold colors and amazing texture.

I always begin with a realistic drawing of my subject – finding it’s “truth” or “essence”; I then play with color, light and texture using a palette knife and acrylic paint to create a unique painting that seems to come alive with color. It is a spontaneous, improvisational process whereby I paint layers of layers of color to capture it’s “beauty”.

My style is inspired by the Expressionist/Fauvist Movements of the 20th century as well as today’s urban /Pop Art style.

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