My vision for visual art is to create exquisite original one of a kind oil paintings

with dream-like qualities and beautiful colour balance and movement. To make an

oil painting I choose imagery from pop culture and combine with other ideas on one

canvas so it is a true reflection of the world. Sometimes it is painting models in an expressionistic style while adding surreal elements around the composition while

other works include using an ancient renaissance grid technique of enlarging

photography onto a much bigger canvas. Also, my work is inspired by Music

and Vegan culinary arts. If I get the O.A.C. grant I would create a series of oil paintings

based upon existing ink drawings which would form the blueprint for the canvas.

These drawings include surreal film strip images and various Toronto street scenes

including markets and stores. There would be bright colours with dynamic harmony

and intricate brush work to render detail. When completed, the brilliant works would

be like looking at a three-dimensional stereo image into another dimension where

various elements in time and space can be rearranged in never before seen compositions.

While painting listening to music is also desired because of the ability to help

concentrate and focus upon the artwork being produced. When completed, I intend

to have a series of museum quality pieces available to the public at a gallery which

are designed to last eons. My work is also influenced by my cultural

education at university where I obtained my degree in drawing and painting and studied

a variety of classes including science, history and various studio work-shops.

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