Sahel Manochehry

Sahel Manochehry is a young Persian Abstract Artist currently living in Vaughan, ON. While she studied Marketing Management at Ryerson University, her passion as always been in the visual arts. As an artistic professional, Sahel is always looking for the next opportunity to translate her personal experiences onto a canvas. She has years of artistic experience in a range of media – including acrylic, watercolour, and graphic design – although she has her own particular preferences that she continuously returns to. In this Acrylic Pouring series, titled “Flow for the Soul”, the artist uses colours, movement, and dimension in unison to tell the stories of her conscious and subconscious mind.

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  • Aladdin’s Carpet

  • Dawn

  • Drifting Through Feels and Feathers

  • Fire in the booth

  • Inner Depth

  • Open forestry 1

  • Open forestry 2

  • Where The Wind Blows