Tatiana Fryntov

Tatiana Fryntov was born in 1974 in Ukraine. She studied Painting in Kharkiv Art College, then Monumental Painting in Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts, and received a Bachelor degree in Fine and Applied Arts.In 2001 Tatiana moved to Toronto, and started working in a stained-glass industry for several years. In 2013 she graduated from Seneca College with High Honours in Independent Illustration program. After that she worked as a freelanced illustrator/graphic designer. With the birth of her second daughter in 2016, she switched to fine art, immersing in to her favourite genre of Still-life Painting, in which her main focus and true passion are the tenderness of flowers, the texture of fruits, the flickering beauty of reflecting, transparent and translucent objects. In every still-life she tries to convey the tangibility of each object, their inner cosmos, their inner lives and their dialogue with the surrounding world. Even tiny details matter in her works. In some works Tatiana leaves as an additional signature her tiny self reflection in the mirror objects. Tatiana recently participated at the Artist Project 2019 in Toronto presenting her
still-lives in oils/acrylics category. She also took part in the Artist Project’s Self-Portraits competition, in which she reflected her artistic self through a still-life. Oil and watercolour are Tatiana’s most favourite media.

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