Theodora Rowlands

Theodora Rowlands is a self-taught artist, based in Toronto, and has been painting since 2014.
Born and raised in Montreal, her interest in art was fostered early in her childhood. The city’s
abundant galleries, museums and architectural heritage, inspired a love of art and culture.
Theodora works with acrylics on canvas and is inspired by nature. This is reflected in her expressive,
and semi abstract landscapes, conveying the beauty of nature’s elements. Using vibrant and
subdued colours, her work is infused with a sense of calm and serenity that comes when connecting
with the natural world.
Artists that have made an impression on her are A.Y. Jackson and the Group of Seven, Jean Paul
Lemieux, and Clarence Gagnon.

The process of painting for me, is to be fully present and immersed in the moment, as the canvas
transforms into the vision in my mind and my interpretation of a place in time. I draw inspiration from
our natural world, the atmosphere, changing light, shifting cloud formations, the sunrise, sunset and
the chroma of water. My work evokes the calmness and serenity I experience when I connect with

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