Véronique Besançon

What do we say when we do not speak?

Véronique Besançon explores the theme of the meeting in her painting, a subject that has fascinated her and changed her forever. His pictorial world is populated with characters allowing their humanity to emerge and urban atmospheres revisited by a multicultural sensibility.

She has developed a palette of colors, from her own blend of pigments, combining the warm shades of the Mediterranean and the intense tones of Eastern Europe. By vibrating its vibrant tones and playing with the material Véronique Besançon engages a dialogue between forms and spaces, textures and transparencies, subjects and atmospheres. She abandons herself to a gesture that is both fast and delicate, creating a tension that characterizes the dynamism of her compositions.

It shows a meaning, a story that speaks of irrepressible strength, gentleness and humanity. This refined expression, always the result of a work in emotion, comes to search the spectator in his personal history.


Self-taught artist, growing up in France, pursuing the immigration movement of her family of Hungarian, Russian and French origins in Europe at the beginning of the century, Véronique Besançon immigrated to Montreal, Quebec, from a wealth of diverse backgrounds.

Véronique Besançon has always lived in the artistic world, she explored contemporary dance in Paris, theater in the South of France as well as writing and painting. And for more than a decade she has devoted herself to creating visual arts, evolving in a personal space of her rich and multiple paths, a space that unites freedom of movement and thought with emotions and colors that she accompanied by writings, testimonials of an artist she wants engaged.

In 2008 Véronique Besançon exhibited her work for the first time and thus discovered the pleasure and the need for sharing and exchange. Since then, she has multiplied opportunities for meetings in galleries, public spaces and virtual spaces in Quebec, New York and internationally. After more than a hundred exhibitions solo or in groups, his works are found in collectors in Canada, the United States and France.

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